My name is Wouter Alleweireldt, living in Belgium, got married last summer and currently helping in the construction of our house.

I started working as a .NET developer about 3,5 years ago, as a .NET consultant at ArcelorMittal, mostly programming system/SQL support applications in VB.NET 1.1 and 2.0

In the meanwhile, I grew to a medior consultant level, focusing more onto C# 3.5, trying to use the latest .NET technologies where applicable.

The main reason I started a blog, is to share my experience when it comes to tackeling technical difficulties that don’t have a clear solution on the internet (or at least, none I could find 🙂 )
The blog also provides me a track record of difficulties I solved in the past, and could serve me again in the future…

I hope you will like some of the posts, I’ll do my best to keep them up to date!


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